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    Our Passion is 3D rendering and architectural visualisation. We offer the best customer service in the game with fantastic response times, and clear communication skills. 


    We are a boutique 3d rendering studio is dedicated to providing some of the most gorgeous images in the world. We have please hundreds of clients throughout the world and we are sure we will please you!

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  • The 3d Rendering Process

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    How it works?

    In order to produce high-quality 3d Rendering Services one must be knowledgeable in modeling, lighting, Photoshop skills and designing.

    We have come up with a very smooth process that both us and our client will benefit. This process will prevent us from going back and forth and wasting time. This will also lessen the chance of accumulating extra charges in future to our clients thus sending the renders as fast as possible because we get it right the first time.


    Below is the process of how we produce high-quality 3D renderings:

    Step 1:


    We first make sure that all necessary files needed are already on board prior to starting the project. Depending on the files available we’ll be able to let you know how long will it take for us to finish the projects.

    Below are the required and optional files we need to start the job:

    1. Plans- We can surely work with PDF version of the plan but we prefer 2D CAD version of the plan (.dwg ).  If you have 3D version of the plan in Revit, 3d’s max or sketchup this will greatly affect the timeframe and you might be able to get a discount. 
    2. Views- We have to know the views you prefer by marking them on the plan.
    3. Schedule Finishes- We prefer a complete schedule finishes for us to be able to apply materials easily.
    Step 2:

    We then release the invoice to our clients for them to be able to process the 50% initial deposit. Once we receive the receipt of payment we will then commence the work. Now, all you have to do is to wait for the first draft.


    The First draft is a plain white render version of your plan. The purpose of this draft stage is for you to confirm the camera angle and the model. This stage will lessen the chance of our client from making extra changes, thus also affecting the timeframe in a positive way.


    Step 3:


    Any changes requested on the first draft shall be rectified. Once the changes are applied and client confirm that the camera position and the model is correct we will send the 2nd draft render with the materials applied. On this stage textures, colors, theme and lighting are applied.


    If there ANY any changes needed the client send them back to us and we will fix them and send you the correct drawing


    Step 4:


    Once everything is approved we then send a higher resolution version of the render if our client requires.

    Final 50% payment shall also be process prior to sending the higher resolution to our client. 


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